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  • Welcome to ENTOOL


    ENTOOL is a software package for ensemble regression and classification.

    It is implemented mainly in Matlab, with some time-critical parts written in C/C++ (as mex-functions).

    CTOOL is a fork of entool for classification, now available in Octave



    The toolbox is equipped with several model classes for out-of-box usage:

    What do I need to run ENTOOL ?

    1. Matlab version 6.0 or newer
    2. An unpacking utility like Winzip or gunzip and tar
    3. If mex-files for your platform are not included, an ANSI C++ compliant compiler (e.g. gcc 3.4) is needed to compile the mex-files from the source code.

    How to install ENTOOL on my computer ?

    References and use case scenarios

    This is the toolbox that we used successfully for several tasks and in different challenges:

    Environmental Toxicity Prediction Challenge
    One of the first past winners

    J. Wichard, R. Kuehne
    Predicting aqueous solubility from structure
    Journal of the University of Applied Sciences Mittweida,
    Proceedings of the 20. IWKM, 28.-29. Oct 2009.

    J.D. Wichard
    Classification of Ford Motor Data
    Contribution to the Ford Classification Challenge at WCCI 2008, Hong Kong.

    J.D. Wichard, H. Cammann, C. Stephan and T. Tolxdorff
    Classification Models for Early Detection of Prostate Cancer
    Journal of Biomedicine and Biotechnology, Volume 2008, Article ID 218097, doi:10.1155/2008/218097.

    J.D. Wichard
    Model Selection in an Ensemble Framework
    Proceedings of the IEEE World Congress on Computational Intelligence WCCI 2006, pp. 2187- 2192, Vancouver, Canada.

    Andreas Rothfuss, Thomas Steger-Hartmann, Nikolaus Heinrich, and Jörg Wichard
    Computational Prediction of the Chromosome-Damaging Potential of Chemicals
    Chemical Research in Toxicology, 19 (10), pp. 1313 -1319, September 2006.

    J.D. Wichard
    Agnostic Learning with Ensembles of Classifiers
    Proceedings of the IJCNN 2007, Orlando, Florida, USA.


    Or simply Email: joerg.wichard (at) gmail.com

    If you have compiled the mex-files for a platform that is not supported in this distribution, please send us those so that we can make them available for public use.

    Copyright notice

    ENTOOL now falls under the Gnu Public License (GPL).


    The work was done within the Research Training Network COSYC of SENS No. HPRN-CT-2000-00158 within in 5th EU Framework Program of the European Community.


    Copyright © 2002-2012 J.D. Wichard and C. Merkwirth